I am a people-focused user experience research & design leader

I drive outcomes for products centered around empowering people. I build and scale teams and systems to deliver user experiences that customers love leading to organizational success.

A woman on the laptop in a warehouse facility moving boxes. A man with a clipboard making a list of inventory.
UX design and research team I hired at DAT.Pictures of the UX design team at DAT Freight and Analytics in 2020. Pictures of the UX design team at DAT Freight and Analytics in 2020.
Mobile app login screen for DAT One, the mobile app for truck drivers.
A mobile app screen showcasing map with points of interestPictures of the UX design team at DAT Freight and Analytics in 2020. Pictures of the UX design team at DAT Freight and Analytics in 2020.
LIneage Logistics Seattle Garfield facility. The office shows the customer service representatives at their desks.
18 years as a research and design practitioner
12 years of leadership and people management
Managed multimillion-dollar projects, small and large-scale teams of managers, researchers, designers, content writers, and front-end developers.

Speaking and guest lectures

Women in Design
UX India, India's biggest conference on UX Design

The future of Design education

Designers have a part to play in decolonization
School of Design, IIT-Bombay

Things I learned in order to be a successful designer
MHCI Program; Carnegie Mellon University

Diversity is a critical indicator of success in the 21st century
Speaker panel for the LEAD program at Stanford University

A three circle Venn diagram depicting the three triads of product development - product, engineering and user experience. There are 3 colored circles, red, blue and yellow. The overlapping part of the 3 circles showcases optimal results based on maximum collaboration. This image is courtesy of Tiffany Eaton, Designer at Google.

I am passionate about establishing user experience as a core business competency much like other pillars within an organization.

My team and I partner with product, engineering, sales, support and marketing. Together, we have shipped products centered around users' needs resulting in increased customer satisfaction, stickiness, competitive advantage and high brand equity. Image courtesy: Tiffany Eaton, Designer @Google

Shoutout from customers, leaders, managers, and team members
Manisha's ability to communicate design decisions elevated the role of UX at Turvo as internal stakeholder's perspective of design was reshaped beyond visuals and into a methodology of problem solving. This enabled the UX team to collaborate with Product and Engineering in the early stages of strategic planning.

During my time at Turvo, Manisha was not only my advocate professionally. I also got to know her as a genuine and compassionate leader. Giving great consideration to my personal well-being (especially during Covid-19) ensuring I was taking time off when needed to recharge and enjoy life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside Manisha and I look forward to when our paths cross down the road.
A coral colored circle
Adam B. | Turvo Inc.
UX Designer
Adam reported to Manisha
Manisha is an exceptional UX leader. I managed Manisha at Reynolds and witnessed her contributions firsthand: she managed our B2B product design and digital marketing teams, improved online lead conversions, reduced bounce rates, and spearheaded the creation of our customer-facing mobile app from scratch, all while effectively managing a UX budget of 15 million.
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Kasi, E
SVP, Product & Marketing
Kasi managed Manisha
Manisha is a sharpshooter. She is dedicated, intelligent, creative, honest, and uses every opportunity to learn and grow – all the qualities I respect and appreciate, working with her as her acting manager. Given a tough situation, she has managed to whip the team into order by taking responsibility and setting cadence to the work needed to be done, all with charm and a firm hand. In addition to all the hard work she is currently doing, she is also studying to become a certified product manager and following a path to become a Product Manager.

Given her talents and her drive, her ability to bring focus and attention to the project and team will make her a very effective and valuable asset to anyone who look to hire her in the future. Not only has she got skills of a designer but also that of a strategist and leader.
A coral colored circle
Reiko S
Principal UX Designer,
Reiko was Manisha's peer